Whistleblower: former Texas Army National Guard and Border Patrol officer Ammon S. Blair

“How we view the combat environment in large part determines how we operate in it.” U.S. Marine Corps MCDP 1-3 “Tactics”

If we ask the following questions to the average Texan, what would be their answers?

  • What is BORDER SECURITY and how will we know when we have a secure border?
  • What framework does the U.S Government (CBP, DHS, DoD, DoS, etc.) use to asses the security and stability of Operational Environment on our Southern border?
  • What metrics and assessments are used to determine the security and stability of the border? 
  • How should it be framed? Assessed? What metrics should be used?
  • What parties or organizations are involved in the border region? 
  • WHAT is ACTUALLY happening at our Southern Border?
  • What are the perceptions held by the American people and specifically Texans on the border situation?
  • Does the Border situation have any effect on their life?
  • HOW did the American people (to include clueless pundits & politicians) come to their held beliefs about the border?
  • How do we go about knowing and distributing the truth about the border?

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