The Honorable Justice John Devine 

My Dissenting Opinions on the Supreme Court of Texas – Why I Do Not and Cannot Always Go Along with the Majority

Think your constitutional rights and liberty are protected by our “all Republican” Texas Courts?  Think again!
Cases in point:  1) The “all Republican” Texas Criminal Court of Appeals declared that the Texas Attorney General has no authority to prosecute election integrity cases, leaving those cases to be prosecuted solely by local county and district attorneys.  History shows that in most counties, those cases would NEVER be investigated or prosecuted. 2) During the COVID shutdown, several cases were presented to the “all Republican” Texas Supreme Court detailing unconstitutional actions of state government (executive overreach); however, the SCOTX refused to hear the cases! When courts fail, where do citizens go to get justice?
Texans need to understand WHEN and WHY Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine dissents with the majority.  Many court positions will be on the 2024 ballot.  Understand what is at stake before it’s too late. 

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