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Chairman Byron Cook’s Hearing


December 10, 2015

For Immediate Release

Contact:  JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America, (903) 360-2858

Chairman Byron Cook’s Hearing:

“This Fig Leaf Won’t Cover His Record on Dangerous Sanctuary Cities”

Tyler, Texas – Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming and other conservative leaders issued strong words for the “invited testimony only” hearing that House State Affairs Chairman Byron Cook has called for Thursday, December 10th at the Capitol. Representatives from various conservative organizations plan to monitor the hearing in person and on-line.

Fleming said, “Chairman Cook has consistently killed legislation important to public safety and national security. A reliable ally for the cheap labor lobby, Cook has for years stopped key bills in his committee – legislation that would have long ago ended dangerous sanctuary city policies. Now that we’re faced with the reality of terrorists crossing over our unsecured borders, coming in on legal visas, and even being homegrown terrorist converts, ending sanctuary city policies in Texas is a matter of great urgency. It is time to end the power of the Austin Cartel — the unholy alliance of establishment politicians and cheap labor lobbyists. They are a threat to Texas.”

Mary Huls, President, Clear Lake TEA Party and Dales Huls, Executive Board, Clear Lake TEA Party Contact: (832) 618-6575

“Sanctuary cities have been a legislative issue since 2011, yet former Governor Perry, Governor Abbott, and significant Republican legislative majorities have done nothing but “study” the problem. They are happy to campaign and fundraise on ending sanctuary cities, but they do nothing to stop these dangerous policies. Thursday’s hearing simply kicks the can down the road, allowing Republicans two more years of inaction. With the federal resettlement of un-vetted Syrian refugees in Texas and an unsecured southern border, when will Republicans like Gov. Abbott, Speaker Straus, and Rep. Byron Cook quit campaigning on these issues and actually start solving them? At what point will the safety of Texas citizens become a higher priority than fundraising?”

Larry Korkmas, President, Texans for Immigration Enforcement and Reduction, Inc. (TFIRE)

Contact (713) 816-0363

“Terrorists gravitate to sanctuary cities for the same reason as do criminals. The chances of being recognized, questioned, or arrested are much lower in these cities because there the law is not enforced, and everybody knows it. How did we get here? Powerful commercial interests that desire cheap labor apparently control many Republican politicians.”

Jim Gibson, Executive VP & Media Liaison, Texas Border Volunteers, Contact: 210-649-4189

“Citizens don’t get to choose which laws we will follow and which ones we won’t. Likewise, city leaders and local police departments should not get to choose which laws they will enforce and which ones they will ignore in the name of political expediency. By not working with ICE and thus permitting illegal aliens to find refuge, these public servants are rewriting federal law as they see fit. Surely, with the technology available today, an effective working relationship between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies can be established to identify and deport those that have knowingly violated our immigration laws. The hard-working, law abiding citizens of Texas deserve no less.”