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85th Texas Legislature – Call for Special Session

Appeal to Governor Abbott to call special session


Grassroots America supports the work of Dr. Laura Pressley, Save our Texas Vote Coalition & Aaron Harris, Direct Action Texas, to expose and fight voter fraud in Texas.

To make sure your voice is heard, we will deliver your message to Governor Abbott.

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Thank you for joining the fight against known voter fraud in Texas!

Governor Abbott,

Not one substantial election integrity or ballot security bill passed this session!

This is particularly appalling since it now known that neither the Texas Secretary of State – nor any election official in any of our 254 counties – is mandated by law to verify the driver’s license or Social Security numbers used by individuals when they register to vote!

The Secretary of State’s Office has been issuing waivers allowing local election officials to avoid printing paper back-ups to electronic voting machines. This means there is no way to verify election results in those counties that adopt the waiver!

These facts, coupled with the mail-in ballot harvesting schemes uncovered by activists in the Dallas–Ft. Worth Metroplex (and currently under investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s Office), should have provided plenty of incentive for the legislature to act to stamp out opportunities for voter fraud, but not one major bill to stop voter fraud passed. Many never even made it to the floor for a vote!

We ask you to exercise all of the authority given to you in the Texas Constitution to address voter fraud, including calling a special session to address it. The entire process – from voter registration, to voting processes, to preserving ballot images for verifying election results – is wide-open for voter fraud. This is beyond unacceptable. Please act, Governor!



85th Texas Legislature - Call for Special Session

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End date: Jun 09, 2017

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