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Austin Press Conference Today

For months, our executive director has been in Austin sending this strong, commonsense, liberty-advancing message to statewide officials and the legislature:

Stop the “borrow and spend” practices. Why? Today, Texas state government has more debt ($40.99 billion) than the US Postal Service ($16 billion). “Borrow and spend” is just as bad as “tax and spend” because it threatens liberty for future generations. According to the Legislative Budget Board, the amount of state debt outstanding is $40.99 billion, an increase of $22.81 billion, or 125% over the amount of state debt outstanding 10 years ago in fiscal year 2003. Sounds like Washington, DC!

Now Gov. Perry wants to double down on state debt! Read this article from the Austin American Statesman, “Perry endorses debt, taxes to pay for roads.

Note that Perry references the head of the Dallas Federal Reserve as a supporting authority for “ultra long-term bonds paid back over 50 to 100 years.” Really??? Wow, the Federal Reserve has done such a great job of building a house of cards for the US Government, let’s try that in Texas!

On Monday, April 15 – Tax Day – grassroots conservative “TEA Party” groups from across the state will oppose Governor Perry’s plan to pile up more debt on future generations of Texans. We aren’t some third world country. Texas can do better! We must. Liberty depends on it.

Media Advisory

Grassroots Texans & TEA Parties of Texas speak out on Tax Day Monday against a raid on the Rainy Day Fund & More State Debt. Groups oppose Governor Perry’s plan to pile on more state debt.

What: Grassroots TEA Parties of Texas speak out on new taxes, fees, more state debt, and the planned raid on the Rainy Day Fund. Those assembled will reflect many of grassroots groups that united to elect US Senator Ted Cruz, and they will be united again for the primaries of 2014.

Date: Tax Day, Monday, April 15, 2013

Time: News conference begins at 10:00 AM & ends at 11:00 AM

Location: State Capitol, Lt. Governor/Senate Press Room # 2E.9

Soaring debt is just as wrong for our state as it is for the federal government.” JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People

Joining Mrs. Fleming will be leaders from constitutional conservative groups from across the state. The group will represent the core leadership of the ground campaign that elected the “Texas Cruz Missile” to the US Senate. At press time, other speakers joining the news conference organized by Mrs. Fleming include, Terri Hall – Executive Director of TURF (Texans United for Reform & Freedom); Bob Hall, President of TPOT (TEA Parties of Texas – a new PAC); and Chuck Molyneaux of the Allen Area Patriots.