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Austin update from our Executive Director JoAnn Fleming:

Austin update from our Executive Director JoAnn Fleming:  


This is a two-part message.  First, today Gov. Greg Abbott gave his State of the State message at a joint session of the Texas House and Senate.  He laid out his emergency items and other top priorities.

In a press release, Grassroots America gave this review: “Grassroots America is extremely supportive of the Governor’s rating of border security, transportation funding reform, and state ethics reform as emergency items. We also strongly support several of this other priorities – lasting property tax cuts, business tax reduction, state debt reduction, and parental choice for educational freedom.

We are pleased to hear Governor Abbott express the importance of reducing the size and scope of state government,” said JoAnn Fleming. ” We couldn’t be happier to hear that he will veto any budget that does not include property and business tax relief, and we are especially pleased that he has prioritized passing a Constitutional Amendment capping increases to the Texas budget at population growth plus inflation.”

To read the rest of our press release, click here, then come back to this message to read the second part of this important update.

Update Part 2:

Although Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen has issued a temporary injunction halting Obama’s amnesty plan and Governor Abbott today declared border security funding one of his emergency items for the legislative session, that DOES NOT mean the danger has passed. It does not mean that we can stop working for true border enforcement and the rule of law.

The Obama Administration has made a dark art of escaping the rule of law.  The defiant Obama Administration said today that they have had great success in getting lower court rulings overturned.  They are appealing Judge Hanen’s decision.

Please understand – nothing in Judge Hanen’s ruling or in Gov. Abbott’s proclamation will keep people from illegally crossing the border.

The Texas House Speaker and his committee chairs can block any bill that supports the Governor’s priorities. We have every reason to believe they will attempt to do so. I therefore ask you to continue the Grassroots Action Plan launched on Monday.

I can work my heart out in Austin walking the halls and visiting with legislators, but alone I cannot counter the scores of liberal “open border” groups that flood the Capitol.  I need you and Texas needs YOU to make your voice heard.  Won’t you take a little time to make a phone call to these committee members?

Click here to see the Grassroots Action Plan for Border Security Funding.

For Liberty,

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People

(903) 894-7204 home office or (903) 360-2858 cell