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Bad news explained


Delivering bad news is not something we enjoy. But, since we aren’t a garden club, a social club, or a group that papers over the truth, it’s our job. Truth matters. Principle matters. The law matters. Election results we can trust matter.

As you know, Grassroots America has been working with Dr. Laura Pressley and Texas State Sen. Bob Hall to investigate troubling waivers issued by the TX Secretary of State’s Office to some county election offices, as well as the SOS’s plans to do away with all supporting paper documentation for electronic voting records.

Sadly, we have much more work to do because we believe the kind of documentation needed to PROVE election results does not exist in every Texas county. Smith County is an exception – we believe proper processes are followed in Grassroots America’s home base county.

Make no mistake, we will continue our efforts to put pressure on the highest officials in our state to make sure the election laws are clear, don’t contradict each other, and also follow our state constitution to ensure our election results can be trusted!


To understand the issues we’ve been investigating, see this outstanding special report by Tyler’s Kaci Koviak for KETK NBC 56 news. This is excellent investigative reporting! Kaci drills down on this issue to reveal the severity of the problem and why it must be fixed.  To see Kaci’s interview with Dr. Laura Pressley, click on the following link. Watch the video, read the news story, and share it on social media and by email! We must get the word out! ion