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Tyler, Smith CountyGrassroots America – We the People PAC, one of the largest constitutional conservative organizations in Texas, today announced its endorsement of Tyler businessman Bob Westbrook for election in the May 6th City of Tyler District 5 council  race.

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director of Grassroots America, said, “Mr. Westbrook’s entrepreneurial experience as the 19-year owner of a successful restaurant franchise will bring a distinctively different skill set to the council. We believe the lens through which city issues are viewed should be diverse and not overly weighted in any one profession.”

Fleming added, “After interviewing Mr. Westbrook, the Board of Directors believes he has a good understanding of how city government works and has a strong sense of the operational areas that need improvement. He is knowledgeable about the City’s Blueprint Business Model and the Half-cent sales tax pledge. He promised to hold city staff and contractors accountable.

Mr. Westbrook’s reputation as the leader of various organizations leads us to believe he will do his homework and arrive at council meetings fully prepared to conduct business. In addition, we believe Mr. Westbrook understands the importance of building and maintaining the public trust through informative council meetings that clearly explain city business in ways that are fully transparent and meaningful to the public.

Because the City of Tyler will face significant challenges in a climate of declining sales tax just as city infrastructure is increasingly impacted by higher traffic volumes and population growth, citizens in District 5 should pay close attention to the person elected to represent them on the council.

The City of Tyler’s municipal government is big business and is increasingly under pressure from special interests to stray from the Blueprint pledge that has left the city free of general obligation debt and paying cash for capital improvements. The people need elected officials who will dare ask the tough questions. Because we believe Mr. Westbrook will do so, we are endorsing him for Tyler City Council District 5.”