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Grassroots America’s voice is influential, respected, and valued because we’ve had folks like you stand with us and support us! We cannot do this important work without you! 

Ninety-six percent (96%) of the funds donated to Grassroots America goes directly to fulfill our mission of uniting, educating, and empowering citizens in the fight to preserve and advance liberty. A fraction of our funds (around $1550 a year) goes to a CPA to file our compliance reports with the TX Ethics Commission and the IRS. We are an organization of volunteers. Not even our full-time executive director who travels the state of Texas gets a paycheck from us or for any of the many “hats” she wears. You can be sure that your contribution will be used wisely for our educational programs and activist training, for our 2016 “get out the vote” efforts, for fighting for religious liberty, for growing the Texas liberty movement, and for mentoring the next generation of conservative activist leaders.

About Your Contribution

Your contributions are not tax-deductible because we don’t want Big Government telling us what we can and can’t say! Do you? 

Therefore, your contribution for this dinner (as is required for any political contribution) will be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission. As such, please send with your check the name of your employer/business and your job title. If you are retired or not employed, simply write in “retired” or “not employed.”