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Border Crisis Update & Commissioners Court

Border Crisis Update

Last week, Grassroots America organized a news conference in the Texas State Capitol to shine a bright light on the failure of state leaders to act to defend and protect the people of Texas. After grassroots conservative TEA party leaders took a stand, state leaders took a first step. Gov. Perry will call up 1,000 National Guard members, not necessarily troops. See these articles:

Now, read why this measured step may not mean what you think it does:

Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming is part of a leadership team in touch with law enforcement, border patrol, state legislators, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Senator Ted Cruz, and key leaders in Arizona. This team is committed to the safety and security of citizens and legal residents – first. The team is committed to making the truth known – in spite of a national media that won’t report the truth – the truth that this crisis is NOT just about cute little children in diapers, fleeing poor countries. According to law enforcement, the children are between 12 and 20% of those pouring over the borders. Illegals claiming to be 15 to 17 years old are deemed by law enforcement to be much older, but the feds require them to be counted as “children.”

JoAnn wants you to know that she will not stop calling for public health officials at the state level to tell the public the truth about the health threats. She will not stop calling for the full support of law enforcement, nor will she stop fighting to expose the truth about the wide-open border and the threat to our state and nation. She will be on the road for quite some time and asks that you pray earnestly for the team’s efforts and that God will open the eyes of and touch the hearts of elected officials who refuse to see the very real and present danger to our country.

On the Local Front:

A growing number of Texas Counties and Cities are passing resolutions to put their citizens first. They are passing resolutions that express their commitment to refuse requests or directives by federal agencies to permit or establish any county facility for the purposes of housing or detaining (for the federal government) any individuals who have entered the country illegally.

Why is this necessary? 1) The federal government is in the process of handing down the “mother of all mandates” to states and their local governments – the housing and care of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, with the Department of Homeland Security warning more are on the way. This constitutes a de facto commandeering (or taking) of state and local taxpayer assets and resources by the federal government. This is prohibited by the US Constitution, except in the time of declared war or national emergency. 2) Public safety is at risk because the “health screenings” of illegals at border holding facilities do not include blood and urine tests that would screen for infections and possible communicable diseases; in other words – there is no real screening; 3) Taxpayer-funded resources of states and communities should be reserved for citizens and legal residents, period. When social services are prioritized toward illegal immigrants in this surge over the border, our veterans, the aged, and the poorest among us will be short-changed.   

Today, by a vote of 3 – 2, the Smith County Commissioners Court refused to put Smith County citizens and legal residents first. We thank Commissioner Terry Phillips for proposing a very good resolution. We thank Commissioner Cary Nix for supporting the resolution. The rest of the Court did not see any need to seek the advice of constitutional scholars and attorneys, which are available to state and local governments. They did not seek the advice of health care professionals to inquire about the very real health threats. Instead, they took a submissive, “May I?” posture to the federal government. So terrified are they of a federal lawsuit, too many of our elected officials have bought into the lie that we just have to take whatever the federal government dishes out. The federal government has become the master. Strong leadership anticipates a threat to liberty and goes on offense – before the wolves arrive at the door.

When the feds threatened to ground planes in Texas over Rep Simpson’s TSA anti-groping bill, our state leaders blinked. Now, the federal government is running roughshod over states and local governments by dropping off busloads of illegal immigrants that will take resources from citizens and legal residents.  When will it be enough?