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Tuesday, July 15: Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming will be a featured speaker at the Texas Public Policy news conference in Austin. She will speak in support of the Coalition for a Conservative Texas Budget Plan for the upcoming 2015 legislative session. Why is this necessary now?

1)     Many members of the press and big spending legislators are still upset that we exposed their big spending ways last session by showing they appropriated $44 billion, or 26% more in 2013 than they did in 2011, using budget gimmicks to hide the increase.

2)     The Real Texas Budget shows all-funds spending will likely increase by 9% during the current two-year period, almost double the 5.1% increase published by the Legislative Budget Board days before the March primaries.

3)     The Real Texas Budget undermines the Legislative Budget Board’s claims last year that real spending in Texas is declining, and instead, shows that the increase in spending above population plus inflation since 2004 will cost Texans $8 billion this year.


Wednesday, July 16:  Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming has organized a news conference at the State Capitol. TEA party leaders and representatives from other conservative organizations, including the Texas Border Volunteers, will speak out on the worsening border crisis and call on Governor Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott to invoke Article 1, Section 10.3 of the US Constitution to protect Texas. They will ask state leaders to call up the National Guard and the Texas Military as defined in the state constitution.

Date:  Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time:  11 am – Noon (time-certain) Attendees should arrive by 10:30 AM.

Location:  Texas State Capitol – The Speaker’s Committee Room 2W.6 (2nd floor – west wing – room 6)


Friday, September 26:  Save the date! JoAnn just booked investigative filmmaker (They Come to America I and II) Dennis Michael Lynch who is on a tour of Texas. Location, time, and cost to attend will come later. For now, just save the date!

Dennis Michael Lynch

Dennis Michael Lynch, also known as DML, is an American entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker, and conservative commentator who often appears as a guest on FOX NEWS, THE KELLY FILE, THE BLAZE TV, GLENN BECK, HANNITY, and a host of other venues.

In his presentation, DML will touch upon the greatest issues facing our country (immigration, jobs and welfare, debt, national security, education, health…) and how they need to be solved in order to get America back on track. The presentation is a mix of speech and video.

Dennis is an award winning filmmaker, successful entrepreneur and conservative, outspoken activist against “Amnesty” and “Immigration Reform” as being pushed by those with a liberal agenda.

You can read more about Dennis at the following: