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Candidates, Consultants, Consiglieres – Four Things You Need to Know About Grassroots America’s Vetting Process:

1: Grassroots America is no longer just a local group. Patriots are joining our efforts from all across the state, and when it comes to state government, our influence is statewide, and our presence in the Capitol is felt. In fact, Capitol Inside ranked our executive director in the top ten “most coveted endorsements in GOP primary campaigns in the Lone Star State.”  We take that responsibility very seriously.

2:  Grassroots America DOES NOT ALLOW candidates to just show up at meetings and get the microphone.  Our Executive Director DOES NOT have breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or cocktails with candidates.  The same goes for the rest of the Board of Directors.  Rather, ALL candidates for statewide, Tyler, and Smith County offices desiring an initial meeting with the Grassroots America Board of Directors must email a request in writing to Robert Shulter at and copy the email to . You will be contacted to schedule a job interview.

Congressional candidates and candidates for State Representative and State Senator who are outside of the Smith County voting precincts (Grassroots America’s home county), should request an interview with Mrs. Fleming by sending a request to the email addresses above.  You will be scheduled as time permits.

3:  All candidates, consultants, and consiglieres should download and familiarize themselves with Grassroots America’s candidate vetting and endorsement process.  To fail to do so may render you ill-prepared for a process we take very seriously. 

4:  If your particular race is one selected by Grassroots America to feature in a sponsored debate or candidate forum, you will be notified. Do not ask for stage preference, order preference, or the questions in advance.  No candidate surrogates are allowed.  Grassroots America considers candidate interviews, debates, and forums to be job interviews. We don’t interview surrogates for jobs, only the applicant seeking the job. Some members of our board have up to 25 years of experience in public policy and candidate vetting.  There’s not a trick they haven’t seen.  Do yourself a favor — don’t try any.

Download Grassroots America’s Candidate Vetting and Endorsement Process Document below:

Download (PDF, 204KB)