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Defining “Lawful” Money: The Constitution vs. the Federal Reserve at Friday Call To Action Lunch Meeting … 11/6/09

Program speaker: Thomas Selgas, Monetary Policy Expert, Andrew Jackson Society About the speaker: Thomas Selgas has 30 years of experience in inventing and developing marketable products, systems, and solutions for a variety of small business to Fortune 500 companies. He is a qualified forensic expert witness with 15 years’ experience in electronic forensic data capture and analysis. Selgas …

November 4, 2009

Outraged Americans Protesting in Washington Thursday at 12Noon

SOMETHING IN THE AIRCapitol to be filled with livid AmericansCitizens return to D.C. to warn Congress, 'Keep your hands off my health care' Posted: November 02, 2009 By Chelsea Schilling © 2009 WorldNetDailyLawmakers are calling on Americans to storm the Capitol on Thursday in an "Emergency House Call on Congress" to stop the House from passing the Democrats' health-care bill this week. A group of legislators led by Reps. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., will be holding an emergency town-hall meeting outside the Capitol at 12 p.m. to protest the health-care bill set to hit the House floor. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that a vote on the bill could take place as soon as Thursday. Bachmann told WND she is urging citizens to come to Washington and "pay an emergency House call to Congress." "This is the most effective way we have to kill socialized medicine and to do it this week," she said. "Nothing is more effective at reaching a congressman than having a citizen come to Washington, D.C. – not asking for a handout, not asking for tax money, not asking to take some liberty away from somebody else, but just asking for freedom." Read complete story ...

November 3, 2009

Neighborhood Precinct ALERT…Signup for Activist Training by American Majority

This training is ESSENTIAL to achieve our goal of turning out the maximum number of Conservative votes in the upcoming 2010 elections and beyond! This precinct training is what we have been working toward all year. Now that GAWTP has registered as a PAC, we have the legal status to work the precincts. It’s TIME to …

October 21, 2009