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Celebrate … GAWTP 1st Anniversary … 3/5/10


Victory…Victory on Primary Election Day : GAWTP Endorsed Winning Candidates

Importance of the Constitution as the rule of law:  Audrey Rindlisbacher

Year One in Review – The Fight to Reclaim America – Founder/President George Stephenson

A Time for Choosing – Where we go from here – Executive Director JoAnn Fleming

Program speaker: Pastor C. L. Bryant, national conservative commentator and activist

Topic: The Struggle for the Soul of America

About the speaker: In a tiny, mostly black church tucked away in the woods outside Grand Cane, Louisiana, Pastor  C. L. Bryant leads the worship.  But when he’s not at the pulpit of Cedar Hill Baptist Church, he may be at the microphone  for his local Red River Tea Party or at a grassroots event anywhere in the country.

Bryant’s political activism started at the 2009 Tax Day TEA party rally in Bossier City.  Bryant just showed up to support the protest against big government bailouts and spending.   His voice for conservative principles was discovered that day.  Bryant was brought back for the July 4th rally in Bossier, and then was a featured speaker for the 9-12 Rally in Washington, D.C.  He spoke at a rally for Central Valley Farmers and the San Diego Tea Party for Grassroots America – We the People in Tyler, Texas, last November.

“We will not bow down to any earthly kings!” Bryant says.  “We don’t get our freedoms from democrats!  We don’t get our freedom from republicans!  We are empowered in rights endowed by our Creator!”  Bryant says, “The reception for this African American pastor as I say things to the people from my heart, lets me know one thing:  I’m talking to people who value American principles.”

Bryant’s journey took a sharp turn about 20 years ago, when he broke from the NAACP in Garland, Texas, where he was the president, because he was unwilling to bend on his pro-life views.  From there, Bryant began a shift toward conservative thinking.  Pastor Bryant has just launched a blog talk radio program and will be speaking at the 2010 Tax Day Rally in Washington, D.C.

Where: Lakeview Church of the Nazarene, 10818 University Boulevard (Spur 248), two miles from Loop 323 intersection.