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Chris Green: Grassroots America “fringe”


In the May 30 edition of the Tyler Morning Telegraph, sheriff’s candidate Chris Green was quoted as follows: “Green said his campaign will ‘regroup and restrategize’ for a summer run. He said the campaign will ‘counter a smear campaign’ by ‘right-wing’ Smith County Republicans that came against his campaign in recent weeks.” 

In Sunday’s newspaper (6/3/12), Chris Green slammed Grassroots America and called it a “fringe” political action committee. The following is an excerpt from the Sunday article: “Green said a ‘smear campaign’ was initiated by a local conservative political action committee, Grassroots America – We the People, and its executive board. The board endorsed (Larry) Smith and pointed out allegations Green allegedly levied against Smith via past forums and social media. JoAnn Fleming, the group’s executive director, said its board vetted the allegations and proved them false. She said Green’s allegations were part of a ‘character assassination’ campaign against Smith. She said the board weighed each candidate’s resumes and became alarmed by accusations Green made against Smith during an interview the group conducted with candidates individually. Green called Grassroots America a ‘fringe political action committee’ that is acting on Smith’s behalf.” ‘Voters can elect a politician with no leadership experience who’s supported by a fringe special-interest PAC, or voters can elect Chris Green, a man with experience in both law enforcement and business who knows how to lead the county’s largest law enforcement department,’ Green said in the statement.” 

Today Grassroots America has received calls from credible sources warning that Green allegedly plans to hire people to launch a full-scale attack on Grassroots America – We the People and its volunteer Executive Director JoAnn Fleming. 

Mrs. Fleming responded: “Well, if this alleged plan is true, and it is Mr. Green’s strategy to win the runoff election, he is welcome to spend time, money, and energy attacking a local group of constitutional conservative citizens. I don’t think the veterans, moms and dads, pastors, retired professionals, teachers, attorneys, business owners, farmers, ranchers, and liberty-loving folks who make up Grassroots America are going to react very well to such an attack, but we will meet an attack on our organization head-on. After 20 years of serving as a volunteer in this community on more than 20 local government committees and task forces and serving as an elected official, I am used to personal attacks and expect them, but I will not stand silently by and have this wonderful group of dedicated, liberty-loving patriots assaulted. Our attorneys have been notified, and we have the evidence to back up everything we have on our website regarding Mr. Green’s allegations against sheriff’s candidate Larry Smith. The proof is Mr. Green’s own words, which are documented in writing and on video.”

We ask our members and supporters to pray for Mr. Green, for candidate Larry Smith, and for our organization. Grassroots America will not back down from its mission. We will not surrender. We will not retreat when trouble appears on the horizon. 

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