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  • Research issues and provide well researched facts so we are assumed correct from our track record.
  • Produce and present programs for issue education.|
  • Find dependable resources and push them out.
  • Maintain archives for defense in the conflicts ahead.
  • Be the “go to” group for facts.
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  1. Recruit and assure the training of researchers to provide content documents with appropriate source confirmation and records.
  2. Maintain archival records of official public statements made on behalf of GAWTP.
  3. Provide editing and proofing services to GAWTP spokespersons with reasonable notice.
  4. Provide a body of documents covering predictive issues of interest to be used as pre-verified position research including multiple points of view if possible.
  5. Maintain a list of reliable constitutional conservative research sources and opposition sources with dependability scoring.
  6. Lead the continuous improvement effort to maintain an innovative content stance with a best in class goal to protect the veracity of GAWTP speakers.
  7. Develop list of topics in timely prioritized order that guides information disseminated.
  8. Form team of information “pushers” to regularly collect information (e.g., one-half hour every day reviewing key Web sites . . .) to be disseminated on Web site, Facebook, blog(s) etc.
  9. Produce educational media presentations. Content to include, for example, information, opinion, and endorsements. Formats to include, for example, text items, Power Points and videos. These may be related to specific issues or be more general.
  10.  Develop list of Web-based educational modules (e.g., Hillsdale College’s seminars & lectures, the Hoover Institution’s “Uncommon Knowledge”)