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Dark Betrayal Unfolding

Breitbart Texas:  Citizen Journalists in Mexico

Risking Death to Expose Cartels,

Corruption and Media Blackout


Brandon Darby With Citizen Journelist Reynosa Mex                                   Reynosa MX to Hidalgo TX



by Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz30 Jul 2014

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — In a city overrun by drug cartels, shootouts, kidnappings, extortion, and executions, a group of citizen journalists continues to shed light into what local media will not report and on what Mexican officials continue to deny: the extent of cartel violence and the corruption of officials in the Mexican government.

[JoAnn’s comments: Note map above. As you read this article and watch the chilling interview, note that Reynosa is just across the OPEN BORDER (Rio Grande River) from Hidalgo, Texas, which is just south of McAllen. 

Breitbart Texas reporters, JoAnn, and other grassroots/TEA party leaders stood on the bank of the Rio Grande last Friday just across from Reynosa and saw how easy it is for dangerous people to swim or raft across, jump a waist-high fence, and run into the narrow alleys to disappear into the city. According to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, these same Cartel groups are present in Texas, working with transnational gangs. Border Patrol Agents tell us that Cartel members already fire on them at the border. The US media and local government authorities ignore it because it would be bad for local tourism and messy if the American people knew it. How long will it be until the Cartels are at war in our cities? We are being deceived by our own elected officials, and it is a dark betrayal of epic and dangerous proportions.]


To see Brandon’s video and read the rest of this chilling story, click here.

What you can do:

1)    Share this with everyone you know and let them know this is NOT just about children. The women and children are decoys.

2)    Pray for the safety of Brandon Darby and his team as they seek and report the truth.

3)    Pray for the safety of Texas grassroots leaders who are taking this on, making the betrayal public, and calling out our state and federal officials. Support them.