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David Brat Trounces House Majority Leader Eric Cantor


TEA Party Candidate David Brat

Trounces House Majority Leader Eric Cantor –

Sends Earthquake Message to Establishment GOP


JoAnn’s quick facts about the thrashing:

Since the position was created in 1899, a House Majority Leader has never been defeated in a primary race!

Cantor is a 13-year incumbent. Brat is an economics professor at a small district college.

There was a 28% increase in voter turnout in Virginia HD 7 over the 2012 primary.

Turnout was fairly even across all demographics and lethal to Cantor. He lost in affluent, middle income, and lower income precincts.

There is little evidence of more than miniscule Democratic voter crossover, and VA House District 7 is a heavily Republican District. This will remain a Republican seat after November’s General Election, but there will be a grassroots conservative in it.

Cantor had 377 PACs backing him.

Cantor’s campaign spent over $5 million on the race; Brat had $231,000.

Brat thanked the local TEA Parties for pushing him to victory and gave credit for the win to God. 

FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Patriots all took a pass on the race. Not one so-called national TEA party group backed Brat, but the local Virginia TEA parties did! The local groups conducted an old-fashioned door-to-door campaign to elect their candidate. After the win, national TEA party groups are flocking to lay claim to the victory and raise money off the win for themselves, but make no mistake – it was hundreds of nameless, faceless patriots who will never make the news who worked their hearts out for Brat. Because of them, the push for amnesty may well be dead for now. Thank YOU, Virginia grassroots TEA parties!

David Brat also worked his heart out. He never asked people to do for him what he was unwilling to do himself. He went from one end of the district to the other, listening to the people and talking about constitutional conservative principles – the principles of limited government the Establishment Wing of the GOP have abandoned (except when running for re-election).

The beginning of the end for Cantor was his support of bailouts for Wall Street. This was compounded by his willingness to repeatedly raise the debt ceiling and his strong support for comprehensive immigration reform, which is nothing more than an amnesty plan. He further angered voters by retreating on his support for amnesty in the middle of the campaign, then when his polls showed him safe, Cantor flipped again. He also ran a nasty direct mail and airwaves campaign against Brat – making him out to be a “liberal professor.” (We’ve seen that play out here locally and across Texas. Liars lie, and they do it with lots of money. We pray every time the folks won’t fall for it.)

The final nail in Cantor’s political coffin was when he sided with the Big Business Chamber of Crony Capitalism crowd and Karl Rove to declare war on the TEA party grassroots…big old mistake.

Cantor put special interests before the American people. He spit in the face of the grassroots of Virginia, and they term-limited him.

The grassroots TEA party movement won’t win every time, but we are winning often enough that it should scare the daylights out of big government politicians in both parties.

So, what myths were busted last night? 

1)    Big money, big PACs, and big name ID always win.

2)    The grassroots conservative movement is no match for Big Business interests and the Karl Rove Establishment Machine.

3)    The national TEA Party organizations speak for the local TEA Party grassroots.

4)    The TEA Party movement is dead.

The conservative grassroots movement is in revolt, and it’s growing – one community – one neighborhood at a time! That’s how you take a country back.