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After spending $10.4 million in an attempt to buy Texas’s Senate seat to no avail, David Dewhurst has now launched a last-minute desperate radio ad claiming that Ted supports amnesty! This is a bald-faced lie. Dewhurst’s latest deception would be laughable, if it were not such a sad reflection of his contempt for the truth and Texas voters. 

Ted has always unequivocally opposed amnesty. (WFAA-Texas Senate Debate April 13, 2012)

Beyond a transparent attempt at race-baiting, the new Dewhurst ad contains multiple lies. 

Dewhurst Lie #1:

Ted is “leading the push to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.” 

  • Ted’s position on illegal amnesty is clear. Ted unequivocally opposes amnesty. He always has, and he always will.
  • As the Houston Chronicle reported, Ted is “a hard-liner on border security and illegal immigration. He opposes amnesty, the DREAM act and the Texas law that allows in-state college tuition to children of illegal immigrants.” LINK: hopeful-Cruz-casts-himself-as-conservative-3381330.php  
  • Indeed, Ted successfully fought the UN and World Court before the U.S. Supreme Court defending a Texas jury’s right to execute an illegal alien for brutally raping and murdering two teenage girls in Houston. 
  •  Critically, Dewhurst is making this false and desperate attack because his own record is so weak on illegal immigration:
      o Under Dewhurst, Texas has become a sanctuary state, where illegal
         immigrants come because they know they can find work here.

           o In the last session, Dewhurst killed the bill that would have banned 
              sanctuary cities.

          o In the last session, Dewhurst killed the bill that would have ended in- 
             state tuition for illegal aliens.

          o Dewhurst has repeatedly waffled on building a wall to secure our border.


Dewhurst Lie #2:

 Ted Cruz’s campaign is funded by Washington special interests, and “he owes them big time. 

  • The “Washington special interests” mentioned in Dewhurst’s ads is the Club for Growth, whose sole mission is to REDUCE government spending and debt. They played a critical role in electing Tea Party Senators like Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and (soon-to-be) Richard Mourdock. They exist to fight the moderate establishment, like David Dewhurst. 
  • Ted’s campaign has received over 34,550 contributions from nearly 21,000 different contributors; the average contribution size is $176. These grassroots donations have come from 855 Texas cities, 225 Texas counties, and all 50 states. David Dewhurst, on the other hand, has only about 2,500 donors – virtually every lobbyist in Austin and a great many of the lobbyists in Washington, DC. 
  • Those with business before the Legislature support Dewhurst because he will keep the gravy train flowing. Those who want to shrink government, like Club for Growth—who wants to end the gravy train and eliminate our crushing debt—support Cruz.


Dewhurst Lie #3:

Ted Cruz serves on the boards of two organizations that support amnesty

  • Dewhurst claims that Ted serves on the board of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. This is a flat-out lie. Ted doesn’t serve on the board of that organization, and he has never served on their board. 
  • Ted is one of 40 members of the “board of advisors” of the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute. This is not a pro-amnesty group. It is a Republican group, and other advisory board members include former Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Victor Carillo and George P. Bush. The advisory board is largely honorary; the board has never met, and Ted has no role in setting their policy positions. 
  • Ted’s position on amnesty is clear and unequivocal – he’s against it. 


Dewhurst Lie #4:

Ted Cruz is a “trial lawyer.”

  • Ted is an appellate lawyer, with a history of defending the Constitution before the nation’s highest courts. The term trial lawyer typically applies to plaintiff’s lawyers who try cases before juries. Ted argues to courts of appeals and helps ensure that U.S. law is properly applied. As an appellate lawyer, Ted defended the State of Texas as Solicitor General.] 
  • “Before we tell you about GOP Senate front-runner David Dewhurst’s latest attack ad on opponent Ted Cruz, I want to warn you that there’s backsliding on accuracy in the Dewhurst camp. Right off the bat in the 60-second radio spot, two moms at the playground refer to  Cruz as a “trial lawyer.”…That’s misleading….Dewhurst has been called out on it repeatedly, and took the label out of some previous ads. But he’s backsliding.” (Garrett, Robert….) 


Dewhurst Lie #5:

 Ted “represents some Chinese industry .

  • Texans have rejected Dewhurst’s lies about China, which is why Dewhurst is telling a new lie. But for anyone who missed it, the man Dewhurst touts as an “American Manufacturer” moved his company to China 20 years ago. No U.S. jobs were impacted in the litigation between two private companies – BOTH of which manufacture tires in China. 

Below are a few news stories and comments from conservative leaders about

Dewhurst’s latest desperate lie: 

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