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If you believe America has been Providentially blessed as a beacon of liberty, opportunity, and prosperity, and if you believe she is still exceptional and worth fighting for, join us as we stand for life, limited government, economic freedom, the right to keep & bear arms, and other timeless values!

Your call to Action for this Wednesday (for those of you who have Bible Study or Wed. night church, come on over after the service!)

Bring your family, friends & colleagues!  Grassroots America members who sign up at least one new member at this event will get their pizza buffet meal free!  Sign up/payment of the discounted membership fee is due BEFORE you place your buffet order.  New member discounts for Wed. night:  $10 for non-students; $5 for students with current school/college ID.

Date:    Wednesday, October 3

What:  1st Presidential Debate Watch Party AND How to help turn out the vote in TX & the Swing States or help with poll watching and ballot security projects!

Time:    7 PM:   “How to Turn Out the Vote & Secure the Vote” with Jim Speiran, Grassroots America’s GOTV/True the Vote Committee Chairman.  We are 36 days away from the election.  If you’ve been waiting to find out what you can do to help, here’s your chance!  Think of your children and grandchildren and the veterans who have fought for you…do the right thing!  Get involved!

8 PM – 9:30 PM:  Debate watch on big screen TVs. Romney’s gonna be ready!

Where:  Cici’s Pizza on the S/E Loop (center Albertson’s used to be): $6 buffet. Drink refills but no “to go” cups.  The new owner, Jeremy Brown, has generously agreed to reserve CiCi’s Pizza for us Wednesday night.  Even if you cannot stay for the entire event, please join us to support Grassroots America’s efforts and to thank this local businessman.  He and his employees will continue to build this business — not the government!

We can do this!