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Dewhurst Called Out by Conservative Women

dewhurst lies (2)


You Said What??? 


Dewhurst takes a page from the far left…

In an update from a story that broke in the Quorum Report ‘s Daily Buzz section last Thursday evening (4.17.14) just before Good Friday… 

Before a mainly Latino crowd, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst ripped Patrick in Spanish and English… 

“Speaking to the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Luncheon – an event that drew about 2,000 people – Dewhurst spoke about Patrick in Spanish and English. “Mi oponente es anti-inmigrante, anti-Hispano, anti-mujer y yo no soy ningún de esas cosas,” he said, which means “My opponent is anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic, anti-woman and I’m not any of those things.” 

This made our executive director’s blood boil.  She went to work calling on several of the conservative leaders she works with from across the state, urging them to join her in “calling out” Dewhurst for his exploitative remarks.

In a news release that went out across the state, JoAnn said,  “Mr. Dewhurst needs to do the honorable thing and apologize for his reckless choice of words. It was bad enough that he tried to destroy Ted Cruz during the 2012 US Senate race. We hoped he had learned a lesson. Sadly, he has now resorted to taking a page out of the liberal playbook and using it to try to destroy Dan Patrick with reprehensible name-calling. This is the worst kind of politics – it’s racially divisive, demeaning, and quite pathetic.” 

To read the rest of the hard-hitting pushback from some of the strongest female leaders of the Texas Liberty Movement, click here.