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Dewhurst skips debate – hangs with Straus

Wow! We hear you loud and clear Mr. Dewhurst!

Your campaign said you had to miss the Tyler debate because of a scheduling conflict.

You missed your job interview with us. 

That’s right – since you are asking to be re-elected, sir, we held a job interview for candidates who will appear on the Republican ballot for lieutenant governor.

You. Missed. It. Again…just as you missed it when you ran for the US Senate last year.

We wondered where our Lt. Governor was on Saturday instead of presenting himself to take tough questions on important issues. The job interview session was broadcast on T-SPAN and is being archived on grassroots conservative web sites all across Texas. There were watch parties. You missed all of them. We wondered why, and now we know! Ms. Hutchison tweeted the answer! You were living large with Speaker Joe Straus at an event far more important than your job interview. Thanks, Kay! Your tweet says it all…

 kay hutchison

With @SpeakerStraus and @DavidHDewhurst before the Texas OU game!!

Hook Em!!!


 Setting the record straight about Saturday’s Lt. Governor Candidate Forum

At the end of the Saturday’s candidate forum, Mr. John Tweedell, Communications Director for the East Texas Constitutional Alliance (a coalition of East Texas liberty groups, including Grassroots America and HideAway Grassroots) read a statement revealing candidate Jerry Patterson’s demand to remove JoAnn Fleming as the moderator for the forum in exchange for his guarantee to appear.

Mr. Tweedell said he regarded the candidate forum as a job interview. He asked the audience how many had ever demanded a different interviewer when they were seeking a job. Of course, to do such a thing in the real world would be reckless and foolish and would likely result in the interview being canceled and the possibility of landing that job reduced to zero.

JoAnn has gotten so many e-mails and calls since Saturday about what really happened, she gave us this statement about why she wasn’t a moderator.

“First, I thank all of the wonderful volunteers who worked very hard to put on a first-class candidate forum. We received many positive reviews from scores of folks saying they appreciate our efforts to bring the candidates in for these job interviews.

Second, the serious topics our state faces are numerous. We must ask questions within a brief timeframe; therefore, we cannot possibly get to every question that deserved asking. What is a great question to one person is not an important question to someone else. The goal is to draw the candidates out of their talking points so their character, values, and stance on issues will be revealed and put on record. We know we cannot please everybody 100% with the questions, but we were determined to put on a quality, professional event with tough questions for each candidate. Mission accomplished.

Finally, in the last 21 years, I’ve encountered just about every kind of candidate you can imagine. They don’t surprise me much anymore. The fact that Jerry Patterson did not like how I moderated the Clear Lake TEA Party’s debate in Houston was not a surprise. The fact that he and at least one of the other candidates did not like the tough questions is quite predictable and quite immaterial to me and to the Clear Lake TEA Party Board of Directors. Clear Lake asked me to be the debate master because they respected my knowledge of state issues and trusted my judgment on what to ask and how to conduct the forum according to the tough format they chose.

See highlights of the Clear Lake event in Houston here:

I decide the best thing to do for Mr. Patterson was to give him exactly what he wanted. I agreed to step aside, and I asked Dardine Roedel to take my place. (Great job, Dardine!) As a result, Patterson showed up for his job interview, and he got tough questions from Dardine and Mike. People were able to see him in action. Mission accomplished.

If you are a GAWTP member, do not be concerned. See this open letter to the candidates, which applies to all Grassroots America events.