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Election Information & Voting 101

Before we get to important election information, we’re compelled to set straight the wrong-headed talk about our “democracy.” The United States of America is not a democracy. It was never intended to be a democracy. It is a republic!

In a democracy, the rule is whatever the majority thinks and is steered by the whims and impulses of mankind; sovereignty (power) rests in the population as a whole. In a republic, the people elect various officials to represent them. In a republic, the rights of all citizens are deemed inalienable (cannot be taken away), and sovereignty rests with the people (as individuals). The Framers of the Constitution were altogether fearful of pure democracy and put in plenty of safeguards for preserving our republic IF “We the People” mind and fight to preserve what we have been given.

The reason the Constitution is ignored or contorted by a majority of DC politicians and judges “legislating from the bench” is because “We the People” have tolerated it. The reason everybody believes the Supreme Court directs the nation and is in control of national policy is because “We the People” have allowed that dangerous myth to take hold. We’ve tolerated the rise of judicial tyranny through electing and re-electing people to the US House and Senate (Congress) who are either stone cold ignorant of the Constitution or too afraid or lazy to enforce it.

This little thing called “checks and balances” in our republic was put there by the Framers to keep all three branches of government in check. Why doesn’t it work? Because “We the People” tolerate it by re-electing people who will not fight for the constitutional rule of law. The judicial branch interprets laws, but the Senate in the legislative branch confirms the President’s nominations for judicial positions and can vote them down! Congress can impeach any of those judges and remove them from office! 

These built-in safeguards will still be in place after November 8. That is why the voting record of your federal House and Senate members matters. We’ll have much more to say about that later.

Working with Heritage Action, Grassroots America is renewing efforts to put a spotlight on ALL Texas members of Congress – most especially the Republicans – because it is the Republican majority in the House and Senate that failed to rein in Constitution-shredding administrative and judicial branches.  

Early voting begins Monday, October 24 and runs through Friday, November 4.  For Smith County voters (our home base), early voting dates/times/locations, Nov. 8 Election Day locations, sample ballots, and a list of eligible write-in candidates for various offices can be found by clicking this link:

Readers outside Smith County, find voting locations/times here: 

For required identification when voting in person:

For our one-pager voter guide for the Smith County ballot, click here.

Important definitions:
“Straight ticket” voting means you may vote for every Republican, for every Democrat, for every Libertarian, or for every Green candidate on the ballot by simply voting for the Party designation. In this case, you do not have to mark each candidate on the ballot.

“Contested races only” means voting information applies only to those candidates on the ballot who have an opponent. If a candidate is unopposed and has no declared (eligible) write-in candidate, we don’t include them on our Smith County voter guide one-pager.

“Electoral College v. popular vote” is explained in two short videos:  and 

For more information about the Electoral College, click here: