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Faith, Family, Freedom Tour stopping in Tyler!



Date: Thursday evening, September 10, 2015

Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM

Location:  Lakeview Church of the Nazarene, 10818 University Blvd. Tyler

Please join us in the fight to protect our Constitutional

religious liberties, which are based upon Biblical truth –

including the precious right to life!

Speakers to be announced soon!

“Enough is Enough!” Are you angered and appalled at the craven, callous actions of Planned Butcherhood? What has this country become when babies are murdered and sold on the open market? The last released video proves it is happening in Texas – so we need not look far to see how our country is being radically changed by the left and by human secularists. When it comes to our principles, values, and beliefs, it is time to stand-up, speak-up, and refuse to give up or give in! We must stand on our faith and boldly defend our religious liberties, our Constitutional freedoms, and our Judeo Christian heritage. We have a duty to protect our children and grandchildren from a political movement that stands for abortion, redefines marriage, and seeks to remove God and Christian beliefs from the public arena.

Leaders of conservative organizations will be speaking on key issues threatening Christian values and on the “nuts and bolts” of political action. We are equipping citizens for positive participation in the political process. These events will give you the knowledge and tools you need to make your voice heard and to make a difference for your children and grandchildren. Save the date and make plans to attend!