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Fleming appointed Chair

After the original chair from Austin stepped down due to family issues, JoAnn was unanimously approved to chair the committee by her peers on Sunday.  The Advisory Committee met on Sunday afternoon in the State Capitol with Representatives and Senators to discuss HB 4 (cuts to the present budget) and HB 275 (use of the People’s Savings Account – the Rainy Day Fund) on Thursday, and HB 1 the budget for the next two fiscal years on Friday (and perhaps through the weekend).  Stay tuned for important alerts on the state budget this week. 

JoAnn is working closely with key conservative legislators from across the state, leaders of statewide conservative organizations, and is writing the “Call to Action” information on the state budget debate.  She will be working with Dallas Tea Party leader Ken Emanuelson and East TX Constitutional Alliance leader John Tweedell to get the “Call to Action” out rapid-fire to conservative groups across the state. 

JoAnn says to please check your e-mails frequently this week for fast-breaking news and be ready to act!