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Fleming Comments TX Tribune Video  

GAWTP’s JoAnn Fleming was down at the Capitol the last four days of the special session working with fellow activists to document the empty House floor as the special session clock wound down with important work to be done.  Activist leaders noted no work was done on the weekend, in the evening, or until 2 PM on the next to the last day of the special session.  The anti-sanctuary cities bill and the TSA anti-groping bill (Fourth Amendment protections) died because the GOP House and GOP Senate leadership failed to work together and wasted time.  There was an all-out effort to run out the clock and sabotage both bills.  The saboteurs were Republicans.  

JoAnn also met with Governor Perry, his top staff, and advisors for an hour on Tuesday, June 28, the day before the special session ended.  JoAnn invited the following grassroots activist leaders to accompany her to the meeting with Governor Perry: 

Katrina Pierson, Garland TEA Party founder, national TEA Party Review Magazine’s Grassroots Development Director, Advisory Committee TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus, organizer of the Iowa TEA Party Caucus

Ken Emanuelson, Dallas TEA Party Steering Committee Member, Grassroots Texans organizer, and Reagan Coalition leader 

Julie Turner, TX TEA Party PAC (Woodlands), Health Care Compact subject matter expert, Advisory Committee TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus

Robert Gonzalez, Clear Lake TEA Party leader, Advisory Committee TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus 

To learn more about the legislature’s failure to pass anti-sanctuary cities legislation and the Fourth Amendment protecting TSA bill, and her conversation with Governor Perry, read JoAnn’s latest article on the GAWTP website “Congratulations South Carolina! Texas Sits in Your Shadow:  A TX Legislative Update – the People’s Unfinished Business.”   

This article is getting statewide attention as activist groups and blogs pick it up.  National websites have also posted JoAnn’s article.  Christian radio station KBJS 90.3 FM read the article on the air today.  Be sure to read this hard-hitting, pull-no-punches article and stay tuned for a strong Call to Action push starting Tuesday, July 5th when constitutional conservative leaders from across the state will launch a renewed effort to protect Texas. 

Have an introspective, prayerful Independence Day weekend.  Be thankful for our Country, for our Freedom, for our blessings, and for our challenges as they make us appreciate Liberty more.  Pray for our men and women in harm’s way across the seas and in our homeland.  May we bless God by being men and women of growing faith, good stewards of this nation, and unyielding defenders of Liberty. 

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The Board of Directors of Grassroots America – We the People 

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