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Fleming, Grassroots America Aren’t Fringe, June 17

Regarding the recent charges by Smith County sheriff candidate Chris Green that JoAnn Fleming is a “fringe activist,” this is just pure name-calling, sensationalism to grab headlines.

I am the founder of Grassroots America-We the People, the past president, and past chairman of the board of directors. JoAnn Fleming worked closely with me for two years before I stepped down because of business and family demands.

JoAnn Fleming is not only the full time volunteer executive director of Grassroots, but she is also the chair of the Advisory Committee of the Tea Party Caucus to the Texas State Legislature.

Her fellow grassroots and Tea Party leaders across the state voted for her to take on this serious responsibility.

JoAnn has a strong personality. Many don’t like smart, proactive, strong women. JoAnn Fleming has done more for educating and motivating Smith County voters on conservative principles than all her critics combined.

She has a rock-solid commitment to truth, limited government, fiscal responsibility and freedom.
Those who know JoAnn understand her focus to detail and her uncompromising dedication to “vetting candidates.” I stand with her.

The Green campaign has labeled Grassroots America-We the People as a “fringe political action committee.” The Green campaign has labeled JoAnne Fleming as a “fringe activist.” It’s just politics as usual.

The Obama campaign is the king of this kind of rhetoric. Now, this lowest form of communication, “name calling,” seems to be the central theme of the Green campaign.

George Stephenson