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James Simpson, former OMB economist and analyst, in the Reagan and Clinton Administrations, now focuses on the enemies of the US Constitution through his blog, Truth & Consequences:, and through his writing for His latest article … President Obama To Surrender US Sovereingty at UN Global Warming Conference. His writings have been published in the Washington Times, FrontPage Magazine, Washington DC Examiner, DefenseWatch, Soldier of Fortune and others.

He is well known for his explanation of the Cloward Piven strategy for manufactured crises which he claims the Obama Administration is using to literally transform America into a whole new socialist nation.

Call To Action Lunch Meeting, Friday, October 23,  11:30am – 1pm, Lakeview Church of the Nazarene, Spur 248, Tyler, TX. Lunch available for purchase – not required.

James Simpson will address another subject on Saturday, October 24, 11am – 1pm, at Traditions Restaurant, South Broadway, Tyler, TX where he will reveal more insight into the Obama Administration. Please purchase lunch at 11am.