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Friday evening, September 11- 2015 Grassroots America Champions of Freedom dinner

Champions 2015

America is at a crossroads. 2016 is around the corner with the Presidential primary and many other important primary decisions to be made in March! We will have plenty of work ahead of us, vetting candidates and turning out the vote for the most conservative choices.

Our nation has now passed all the easy exits off the big government highway. Texas is being tested, and our legislative session saw many conservative reforms defeated or never getting out of committee. The way back to limited government, fiscal sanity, truly free markets, Constitutional government, and individual liberty will come at great personal sacrifice. It will take leaders with enormous courage to defend the principles of liberty – those who are willing to stand even if they must stand alone.

Save the date to help us say “thank you” to some very important Freedom Fighters!

On Friday evening, September 11, 2015, we will hold our annual awards dinner at Harvey Hall in downtown Tyler to recognize such leaders – the 2015 Grassroots America Champions of Freedom.

The keynote speaker and 2015 Champions will be announced in coming weeks.

For now, just save September 11th on your calendar. You don’t want to miss this event!