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From the TX Border Volunteers


Our friends with the Texas Border Volunteers (Dr. Mike and Linda Vickers Jim “Hoot” Gibson) sent in the following updates.  We had two special programs with them back in February.  Please pray for these friends.  They are in a war zone EVERY single day and have been abandoned by Washington DC and by sell-out Republicans in the Texas state capitol who have retreated on the entire issue. Governor Perry’s “emergency” item to ban sanctuary cities in Texas back in 2011 is no longer an “emergency” for him.  Because this is a law enforcement issue, Perry could sign an executive order today to end sanctuary cities in Texas. He will not.

We have pleaded with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst to step up.  He will not.  This means they are turning their backs on law enforcement and the rest of us for the sake of political expediency.  Where is the courage?   They have all perfected shaking their fists at Washington until they’ve got it down to a fine art, but as far as interior enforcement of the rule of law is concerned, they are silent.  And, where is Attorney General Greg Abbott?  Cartels are taking over construction sites in Texas and moving further and further north from the border into the rest of Texas. We hear what from our state-wide officials?  The sound of crickets…

News item #1 Rancher says Border Patrol budget cuts are stab in the back

As Washington struggles to find a solution to the federal budget cuts in the recent sequester, the U.S. Border Patrol has begun to cut back, and the numbers are already beginning show immigrants are taking advantage of it.

Border Patrol stats leaked to our newsroom show the RGV sector detained almost twice as many immigrants in February as they did in January.

While Border Patrol agents will likely lose overtime and face up to 14 furlough days, one south Texas rancher says he’s going to lose too, security he depends on.

Just 4.5 miles north of the Falfurrias checkpoint, Mike and Linda Vickers live on a 1,000 acre ranch in Brooks County. READ MORE

News item #2 Release of illegals swamp homeless shelters

News item #3 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brooks County, Texas – Texas Border Volunteers conclude an EPIC watch

For the calendar year of 2012 the Texas Border Volunteers reported 232 illegal aliens and Border Patrol was able to apprehend 126 of those reported. For a 10 day period in March 2013, TBV reported 240 illegal aliens and, with some assistance from our members in the field, 182 were taken into custody by Border Patrol. By any measurable or subjective standard the fact that we were as productive during one 10 day watch as we were for CY 2012 is nothing short of astonishing. We operate on private ranches, and cover no more than a few square miles during each nights posting.

These numbers clearly demonstrate the border is neither secure nor under control. Digital video of 35+ illegal aliens, taken by using a thermal camera, will be provided to the office of Sen. Ted Cruz. This video shows conclusively that IA’s are moving en mass and operating with relative impunity. With this kind of influx of illegal aliens, it is unconscionable that our government would cut hours, staff and resources of the brave men and women of the US Border Patrol.

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