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GAWTP Endorses David Simpson in TX House District 7 race

Simpson’s platform is built on a solid foundation of limited government and freedom under the rule of law.   His direct and well-articulated core principles of conservatism – backed up with specific examples of how he would apply these principles to governance — represent the kind of change needed in the Texas legislature.

Mr. Simpson, with a statesmanlike tone, clearly highlighted his differences with the seven term incumbent. During the primary race, Simpson skillfully and accurately documented and exposed Mr. Merritt’s actual voting record for what it was – decidedly un-conservative. As a result, Mr. Merritt was retired by the voters of Texas House District 7.

Simpson drove home his message to the voters in a true “taking it to the people” shoe leather, door-to-door campaign in the primary, and he is reconnecting with the people of District 7 again for the General Election. Our whole-hearted support goes to David Simpson for a facts-based, principled, statesman-like campaign with true conservative substance.

We look forward to watching Simpson serve in the Texas Legislature.  Based on some new taxation ideas being floated by a few Republican Senators, we believe Simpson and other newly-elected conservatives will have ample opportunity to take bold stands. The next session cannot be “business as usual” in Austin.  Conservatives want to see spending cuts, government reduction, and voter photo ID passed.  Conservatives do not want to see state government expand or any new taxes and fees.   Grassroots conservative groups will be watching the state legislature like hawks.  We encourage Simpson to take early, bold, pro-active conservative stands.

Contact: JoAnn Fleming, GAWTP Executive Director, (903) 894-7204