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Grassroots America Patriots:

Get Ready to Fight!  

What You Need to Know Now…

We’ve suspended weekly meetings for the summer months and gone to monthly meetings for one reason – to plan for the battles ahead.  Grassroots America will be front and center in the “Come and Take It” battle that will go head to head, toe to toe, nose to nose with the Left’s Battle Ground Texas.  We will soon hold a meeting to unveil the plan. We will have tasks for every age and every level of commitment.  If you have only two hours a week, we’ll have something you can do!

Our first battle will be in the primaries.  We will have hotly-contested races for local county government, for state government with house and senate races, statewide races (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Land Commissioner, Railroad Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner) and for the federal government with congressional races for US Representative and US Senate.  Much is at stake. 

Grassroots America will be right in the middle of this battle leading up to the March 2014 primaries.  We will hold local candidate forums and debates.  We will co-sponsor regional candidate forums and debates.  We will have “get out the vote” and communication training unlike any we’ve had before.  We will get behind the right candidates after all the vetting is done and make sure they get elected.

It is NOT ENOUGH to simply vote for someone in the November 2014 general election. For those of you who like to let other people pick your candidate in the primaries, and then you just mosey on down to the polls to vote Republican or Democrat in November…YOU are part of the problem!  We must elect the most constitutional conservative, the most liberty-minded candidate in the primaries.  Many times the candidate elected in the March primary becomes the elected officials because there will not be a challenger in November.  March primaries matter now more than ever.  

The November 5, 2013 Ballot – State Constitutional Amendments

We’ve heard from several folks who want to know if we will have information in advance of the constitutional amendment election.  The answer is “yes.”  We always do.  Since the legislature is in its 3rd special session and more constitutional amendments are being considered, it is premature to go into much detail on this now.  If you are just raring to start early, here is election calendar voting information:

First Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail Friday, September 6, 2013 (does not apply to FPCA)
Last Day to Register to Vote Monday, October 7, 2013
First Day of Early Voting Monday, October 21, 2013
Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail (Received, not Postmarked) Friday, October 25, 2013
Last Day of Early Voting Friday, November 1, 2013
Last day to Receive Ballot by Mail Nov. 5, 2013 @ 7 PM (unless overseas deadline applies)

This is an initial list of state constitutional amendments from Project Vote Smart (click on the title to see text)

HJR 87: Home Rule Charter Provision Amendment
HJR 24: Disabled Veteran Residence Tax Exemption Amendment
HJR133: Political Subdivision for Aircraft Tax Exemption Amendment
SJR 1: Rainy Day Fund Amendment
HJR 147: Repeal of Hidalgo County Hospital District Amendment
SJR 18: Reverse Mortgage Loan Amendment
HJR 79: State Medical Education Board/State Medical Education Fund Elimination Amendment
HJR 62: Tax Exemption on Residences of Service Members Killed in Action Amendment

If you believe in our mission and have never taken an active part in Grassroots America, we need you now!  If you aren’t involved because you’ve never been personally asked, consider yourself asked now!

If you are retired, we need you – your country needs you!  You don’t have to give up reading, golf, bridge or other leisure activities you have earned through a long career.  We don’t expect you to keep up with JoAnn (who could?).  We need people with financial and analytical backgrounds, folks with good writing skills, people who like to communicate with others, people who are friendly and just want to help.  We need greeters, people to phone members, and people who will make copies for meetings.  To volunteer, send an e-mail to us saying what you would like to do:

If you work all week and have little extra time, we still need you!  Can you spare just 2 hours a week to help get information out to your friends and colleagues?  Will you make 10 calls a week to invite people to the next Grassroots America meeting?  Will you download a flyer, print it off, and hand it out to folks you know?  Will you post one of our articles or videos on your FaceBook page or Tweet it?  Will you make the effort to come to just one meeting a month and spend just 1.5 hours in a fast-moving, interesting meeting to learn more about local taxes, state issues, a candidate, or the mess in Washington and what we can do about it together?  Is Liberty important enough to you to do something?   To volunteer, send an e-mail to us saying what you would like to do:

If you are a student, we need you.  We will be regrouping a communication team, and young people clearly have an edge on today’s communication techniques.  JoAnn is looking for a student who will take full charge of communications – with some guidelines – put together a team to get the job done.  You will work directly with JoAnn to get out late-breaking news and political insider information when the time is right.  Your team will create and aggregate content to push out to our statewide network. To volunteer, send an e-mail to us saying what you would like to do:

No local or regional organization is more on the cutting edge of today’s fight for Liberty than Grassroots America!

No other ALL VOLUNTEER organization takes on the number and variety of important issues like Grassroots America.

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The battles ahead will take an enormous amount of commitment and monetary resources
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