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Voting Can Be Confusing!

Do you sometimes walk into a voting booth with no idea how to vote? Voting is a right bought by the blood of generations of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifices for our liberty. Informed voting is a responsibility, but getting informed is tough because candidates all say the things we want to hear. What to do when you have little time and
don’t know where to start???

Fortunately, Grassroots America researches issues and candidates thoroughly. The candidate endorsements come from literally hundreds of hours of interviews, vote-checking, investigations, and research by the nine board members of Grassroots America. Recommendation of a candidate requires a majority vote, while endorsements require 7 out of 9 votes! We do not take contributions from candidates on the ballot. All Grassroots America leaders are volunteers, and our legal income and expenditure disclosure documents are posted on the Texas Ethics Commission website.

You can vote these candidates with the confidence they have met our rigorous standards. We believe these candidates will be principled public servants! We will hold them accountable!

Click HERE to view and/or print endorsements

NOTE:  This is only for contested races.  For example, Cary Nix is on the ballot, but is uncontested.  He is not listed.  This covers the entire Smith County Ballot only and is based on what the Elections Office sent us. They do not plan to have sample ballots posted until 10/20 per JoAnn’s conversation with them last week. 


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