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Grassroots America Action this week…

On Tuesday, August 5 @ 9 AM in Austin, Grassroots America Executive Director JoAnn Fleming will join TEA party leaders from across the state to testify before the Texas House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety.  Hearing details here.

On Thursday, August 7 @ 11:30 AM, JoAnn and several Grassroots America board members and committee chairs will attend a timely briefing at the Capitol.  The Texas Public Policy Foundation-sponsored primer is titled “When the Feds Go Rogue – the States’ Duty to Respond.” This primer will examine where the states can maneuver to defend their sovereignty with state-based solutions for questioning federal power grabs, evaluating federal dollars with strings, and staying financially agile in face of the coming federal defaults on commitments to states.

Saturday, August 9, GAWTP Executive Director JoAnn Fleming will join Texas Right to Life Executive Director Jim Graham and Empower Texans President Michael Quinn Sullivan to outline the mission of the Life, Liberty and Property Tour of Texas to the RedState Gathering breakfast in Fort Worth.  The trio of conservative fighters will encourage conservative leaders from other states to form their own LLP Tour and work together to combat the anti-liberty tactics of the unholy alliance of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media. 

What Establishment Media Hid from You Last Week…

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Connecting the dots back to Washington DC – Surge of Illegal Minors: 

Former Border Patrol Agent Zack Taylor on the Border Crisis:  What Big Government, Big Media and Big Business Don’t Want You to Know(Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions: 

Counterfeit Charity & the Refugee Industry: Follow the Money as Religious Institutions Take Your Tax Dollars Doled out by “Caesar” to Care for Illegal Border Crossers 

Grenade Found Near Scene of Shooting Along TX-Mexico Border belongs to Gulf Cartel

Border Agent (Falfurrias, TX Border Check Point):  “We were told to expect it to rain bodies around here.”

Kerr County Texas Sheriff – Feds Dumped Hundreds of Illegals in My County!(Hint to Smith County Commissioners Court – they didn’t call to ask permission!)

Principled Leadership in Action:  US Rep. Trey Gowdy Questions Law Professor on Need for Special Counsel in IRS Investigation