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GAWTP: Program on Patriotic Youth Outreach

Patriotic youth outreach is front and center with the Vacation Liberty School Program (perhaps you have heard about this program on Glenn Beck, as it originated with the 9/12 Project). You are in for a great treat with this important and very interesting program from our friends in the Hideaway Lake area! 

We know it’s hot, and maybe you have friends or family visiting!  No problem!  Load them up and bring them with you to the meeting…there’s no time to rest from taking our country back from the radical left! 

After you’ve seen this exciting and fun program, maybe you will consider working with our Hideaway Lake experts to spread Vacation Liberty School throughout Smith County and beyond!  Many thanks to Dardine Roedel for helping us book this great program! 

Friday, July 13: Youth Outreach with Vacation Liberty School 

Time: Lunch served 11:30 AM; announcements 11:45 AM; program Noon – 1 PM. 

Location : Cornerstone Church Assembly of God, 9107 Paluxy Drive (corner of Paluxy & Cumberland Road), Tyler 

Program: Vacation Liberty School – Patriotic Outreach to Youth 

Program description:  Instructors from the HideAway Lake area will make a presentation outlining their Vacation Liberty School project as an effective tool for active outreach to youth. Their early summer project included history lessons, arts and crafts, and games from the colonial time period. 

The Vacation Liberty School Program was developed to teach young people about America and its founding principles. The principles of freedom and liberty are taught from the perspective of faith, hope, and charity. A few of the program’s basic principles include: 1) with freedom and liberty comes responsibility; 2) the importance of private property and families providing for themselves; 3) our rights come from our Creator – not men and government; 4) charity provides needed help during times of adversity, but should not enable dependency; and 5) liberty is a balance between tyranny and anarchy.