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Grassroots America represented in Supreme Court Amicus Brief on ObamaCare

That’s right, our amicus brief is being prepared by skilled, highly reputable attorneys who have successfully argued cases before the US Supreme Court.  Our opposition to ObamaCare is being represented in this historic, landmark case!  

Below see the update from my good friend Allan Parker at the Justice Foundation.  Please pray for the efforts of these able men and women working on the case and pray for favor with the Justices!  God save the Republic. 

Please pass along this news to all of your friends!  E-mail it, snail mail it, Facebook it, Tweet it, and let folks know that Grassroots America is preserving and advancing Liberty!  This is one of the best reasons and examples you can give on the merits of becoming a member of Grassroots America.  By God’s grace, we are getting things done!  If you aren’t on the field, you can’t make a touchdown.  Ask your friends to join us and become a part of an energetic, successful, highly-respected constitutional conservative organization: Grassroots America – We the People! 

Be sure to read the update below and spread the word! 

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An Update on the Project Liberty Amicus Brief at the U.S. Supreme Court


            You will no doubt hear a lot in the news about the briefing in the Obama Care lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court in the next several weeks. Normally, the briefs are due at one time.  However, because of the extremely complex and important nature of this lawsuit, the Supreme Court has taken the highly unusual step of dividing the issues into three parts for briefing.  In addition, there are different deadline dates for various parties.

            The first round of briefs, which began on January 6 by the Government, will involve the issue of mandatory coverage and severability (whether all or part of the remaining statute should be struck down if mandatory insurance is unconstitutional).  We will be taking the position in our brief that we agree with those who believe that the whole statute should be struck down. 

           Our brief will be due on February 13. This will be the second major round of briefs addressed and does cover the “minimum coverage provision” or in laymen’s terms, the mandate for every individual to buy insurance. This is the heart of why we oppose the statute and why the plaintiffs joined Project Liberty. In addition, we have been given consent by the parties to file our Brief so there will not be a problem filing it at the Supreme Court. 

          We will be also concentrating on both our opposition to the mandatory insurance coverage provision itself, and the additional complications that would be caused constitutionally by requiring those who oppose abortion on moral or religious grounds to pay for other people’s abortions.  This is the unique aspect of our brief in which we add something of great value that other people are unable to add to the overall discussion. 

          The third issue in the case you may hear about is a very technical provision on whether the Anti-Injunction Act prevents suits against the Government. This was not part of our original proposal and is not an issue on which we have special expertise, and will be very adequately addressed by the major parties to the issues, but not us.  The states will also be arguing that they cannot be compelled to expand their Medicaid coverage as this law mandates.`

          In summary, you will hear a lot of talk about a variety of issues over the next two months, but keep in mind that our brief is not due until February 13.  At that time, we will send you a copy of the brief, if not before, and a copy of our press release announcing its filing. 

         After all briefs are filed, the case will be orally argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26, 27, and 28, 2012.  As Amicus, our arguments are in writing only and we will be not be arguing orally.  However, we may go to D.C. to observe and join in the public debate or do it from San Antonio. 

         The Supreme Court should issue a written decision by the end of June.  

          Thank you for your tremendous support and patience. Please keep our legal team, which includes some incredible legal minds, in prayer as well as praying for the Court and our Nation for God’s guidance and direction. 

          Because of your prayers and financial support, you will be a part of history.  I believe we will be victorious!    

                                                                  In Him, 

                                                                 Allan E. Parker

P.S.  We do have extra expenses in connection with filing the brief; if you feel led by the Lord, or you want to be a part of this historic battle by making a contribution, please do so now or by February 13.

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