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Grassroots America Strongly Opposes Harassment of Law Enforcement


Grassroots America Strongly Opposes
Harassment of Law Enforcement &
Thuggish, School Yard Bully Tactics
JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director

This is a message to (and a definitive statement about) anybody who thinks it’s a good idea to harass law enforcement officers and members of the military who put their lives on the line to protect even the sorriest examples of humanity. It’s a message for those who think bad behavior is the way to persuade anybody.

It is safe to say that almost every family, company, organization, and institution on the face of this planet contains some bad actors. Rebelling against the rules of engagement, decorum, operational policy, decency, and basic good manners is a low nature some love to embrace. However, it is shortsighted, ignorant, and just plain stupid to assume every person in a family, company, organization, or institution is “bad” or a liberty-stealing tyrant just because of a few bad actors, but this is exactly what is happening in a small corner of the gun rights movement.

I have had enough of the anarchist-leaning, so-called “gun rights” groups who have decided that everybody wearing a badge is a threat to liberty. This minority group within the constitutional carry movement claims ardent support for liberty and gun rights, but spends their time shadowing law enforcement officers and harassing them on the job. See this Breitbart Texas article:

If a person believes their constitutional rights are being violated, of course they should document the situation, take the documentation to proper authorities, and make it public. However, those who (under the guise of working for constitutional carry rights) advocate constant monitoring of law enforcement scanners with the mission of routinely chasing down law enforcement to make videos and harass officers as they work disturbances, accidents, and other calls for emergency service, are doing a great disservice to the constitutional carry movement. We question their true motives.

I fear that attacks on law enforcement will escalate as anarchists, Occupy Movement-types, the Communist Party, supporters of jihad, and garden-variety nitwits collectively spew hatred and sow seeds of distrust toward law enforcement. With lawlessness rising in this country and the increasing danger a wide-open border represents, you’d better pray we hold on to our Second Amendment rights, and you’d better pray we continue to have men and women willing to put on the badge every day to protect us from the real threats to life, liberty, and property. The threat to America is not coming from law enforcement.

On Tuesday, the same group brought their counter-productive tactics to the Texas Capitol. See article:

Grassroots America strongly objects to these tactics, and we will not participate with, support, nor tolerate such behavior within our ranks. Grassroots America supports constitutional carry and is working with credible groups and lawmakers for passage of the enabling legislation.