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Grassroots America We the People Weighs Court Challenge of Health Care Overhaul

“We feel individual Texans should be represented in federal court. We have been talking to the principal of this organization. We started talking to him Monday and should have answers mid-next week,” she said.

“The organization I’m talking to, it’s an organization of attorneys. They have got to have their board approve the project. Once their board approves the project, I’m looking for them to come to Tyler.”

Mrs. Fleming said Grassroots wants to have “the best legal action we can,” and the goal is to have 10,000 Texans sign the lawsuit.

The group also wants to cover all the necessary constitutional issues in the lawsuit, she said.

For example, Mrs. Fleming said, Grassroots believes the federal government should not be telling individuals and small businesses they must buy a health insurance plan.

“Mandating health insurance is not a constitutional responsibility of the federal government,” she said.

She added, “The government is “looking to increase (federal-state) Medicaid. What they are doing is opening that up to a huge new population of individuals and pushing that cost down on the states. … On the issue of treating America the same and not getting into state business, we think the government has way overstepped its bounds.”

Mrs. Fleming said Grassroots will continue to “strongly look” at the possible lawsuit and these constitutional issues while it seeks the advice of attorneys.

“If the attorneys believe we have a good case, and we do have enough constitutional basis to file a lawsuit in federal court, we anticipate it would go to the Supreme Court,” she said. “We don’t want to waste people’s time or money.”

Besides a possible lawsuit, Grassroots plans to launch its opposition to any federal legislation regarding amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Mrs. Fleming said the group will send out a message to Grassroots people, asking them to call Republican senators and tell them they don’t want amnesty.

“We’re going to start with the Republicans and start phoning and faxing the U.S. senators. … We will call Washington, D.C., (and their other offices) and let them know conservatives in East Texas are not interested in amnesty. We will send our message out to other Grassroots groups across the state and Tea Party patriots,” she said.

While Grassroots welcomes legal immigrants into the country, Mrs. Fleming said, it does not believe illegal immigrants should be “put ahead of the line” and given citizenship as part of immigration reform.

Pastor Stephen Broden, a candidate for U.S. Congressional District 30, also was present at Friday’s announcement. District 30 includes downtown Dallas, Fair Park, Oak Lawn, Old East Dallas, Pleasant Grove and South Oak Cliff,

Broden is vying for the Republican nomination to challenge longtime Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson.

He is president of the Fair Park Friendship Center and senior pastor of the Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Dallas.

Broden encouraged attendees to continue fighting against the new health care legislation.

“The ball is still in the air. As long as that ball is in the air, we have a way to get it right,” he said. “We have on our side the Constitution of this great land.”

He said Americans also must put “patriots and constitutionalists who are conservative” back in Congress.