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Grassroots Austin News Conference – Border Plan



Grassroots TEA Party Leaders Agree with US Border Patrol Rep
the Federal Government’s Deadly “Catch and Release” Program

Leaders say, “In spite of political rhetoric, the Texas National Guard’s mission won’t secure the border. Why? Because their orders are to participate in ‘catch and release’.


Thursday, September 4, 2014
State Capitol, Austin, Texas – A news conference was held today by grassroots TEA party leaders to release their Texas Border Crisis Action Plan: A Plan to Secure the Border with Mexico and Protect the Health, Safety, and Economy of the State of Texas. The complete document is posted on the Grassroots America website Those who wish to sign up in support of the effort may join the growing list of supporters found on the Grassroots Texans website

Today, Texas grassroots leaders (who have been to the border and seen firsthand where the political rhetoric falls dangerously short of the actual border situation) took turns describing why a real plan to secure the border is necessary and how it can be accomplished by following provisions found in the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution. The activist leaders were unified in stating that the only thing standing between Texas and a more secure border is courage on the part of Texas leaders to stand up to Washington, DC and its failed policy of “catch and release.”

The plan describes the roles the Governor, Attorney General, and the Legislature should play in framing a constitution-based justification for Texas securing its border. The plan stakes out the role state leaders should play in developing the proper mission for an effective border security effort and in making provision for necessary funding for the Department of Public Safety, the Texas National Guard, and the Texas Military (as defined by the Texas Constitution) to actually secure the Texas border with Mexico.

The Plan calls on state leaders to move forward immediately to secure Texas and strongly agrees with Vice-president of the National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran who said US Border Patrol Agent Vega’s death never should have occurred and is just more evidence of the failed US immigration system.

In an August 8 interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren (and again in response to questions at an August 27, 2014, Texas Public Policy Foundation Border Crisis Briefing), Moran said that under the Bush and Obama administrations, the government has had a “catch and release” policy, letting illegal immigrants go free after Border Patrol agents risk their lives in some instances to apprehend them.

“Why do we have immigration laws if we are not going to enforce them? Why do we have a Border Patrol? Why do people like Brian Terry die? Robert Rosas, Luis Aguilar, and now Javier Vega, if we are not going to be serious? I mean, what do we have to do in this country to actually take this threat seriously and be able to do our job?” said Moran, calling the circumstances of Vega’s murder on Sunday, August 3rd “unspeakable.”

The grassroots leaders posed a sobering question: When does a porous border, from which border residents are terrorized by narco-cartels and transnational gangs engaged in the modern day slavery of human trafficking and rising violence become an actual invasion? The Dept. of Public Safety has published reports about cartel- and transnational gang-established criminal networks across Texas, allowing them to terrorize citizens and pose a growing threat to law enforcement. The imminent threat is established. How many ISIS terrorists need to cross the border for it to constitute an actual invasion?

September 4, 2014: News Conference – Texas State Capitol – Speaker’s Committee Room

Texas Border Crisis Action Plan: A Plan to Secure the Border with Mexico and
Protect the Health, Safety, and Economy of the State of Texas

News Conference Speakers:
Dale Huls and JoAnn Fleming are co-authors of the Texas Border Crisis Plan and had input from many activists, state and local law enforcement officers, current and former border patrol agents, Texas Border Volunteers, constitutional scholars, investigative reporters (they know who they are), public policy professionals, and a few very candid elected officials.

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director, Grassroots America (
Two-term Chair, Advisory Committee to the TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus
(903) 894-7204 home office or (903) 360-2858 cell

Dale Huls
Board Member, Clear Lake TEA Party
Texas Border Volunteer
(281) 658-9480

Mary Huls
President, Clear Lake TEA Party
Texas Border Volunteer
Instructor, The Modern Day Slavery of Human Trafficking
(832) 618-6575

George Rodriguez
South Texas Coordinator for TEA Party Patriots
President, South Texas Political Alliance
(210) 367-2058

Dwayne Stovall
Director, Keep Texas Free LLC
School Board Trustee, Tarkington Independent School District
(281) 682-9654

Heidi Thiess
Vice-President, Clear Lake TEA Party
League City Council Member
(832) 613-1509

Texas Border Action Plan

Texas Border Action Plan Executive Summary

JoAnn Fleming’s presentation made on Sept 12th


Download (PDF, 849KB)

Download (PDF, 438KB)

Download (PDF, 769KB)