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Green’s Name-calling escalates


If you missed Grassroots America’s response to sheriff candidate Chris Green’s attack on Grassroots America, here’s a run down. 

Why we responded:   Green calls Grassroots America a “fringe” group in the Sunday Tyler Morning Telegraph.  Click here: 

The issue – false allegations:

Our response to Green’s name-calling:

Today we were asked to grant an interview with KETK NBC 56 and CBS 19.  Click on the two links below to see the two interviews with our executive director, JoAnn Fleming.  Be sure to watch the videos.

We learned today that Chris Green has hired a political consultant.  You just heard the consultant via a phone interview with the media attack Mrs. Fleming, labeling her a “fringe political activist.” Wow! Our JoAnn is so “fringe” that she has been appointed to serve on more than 20 local government committees and task forces, was appointed to serve on a citizen advisory committee to a conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature, and now she chairs that committee. Instead of apologizing for the allegations he made against Larry Smith, Chris Green and his consultant have decided to “sandstorm” in an attempt to kick up enough dust that folks won’t look at his record in this campaign. That is too bad. Our community and the men and women who serve in the Smith County Sheriff’s office deserve better.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against a neighbor” is not a mere suggestion.