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Help Grassroots America Stand for Values based in Liberty!

Help Grassroots America Stand for Values based in Liberty!

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Great news! ObamaCare is headed back to the US Supreme Court because of the Liberty University case in which Grassroots America filed an amicus brief!  

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We’ve been in Austin all week standing up for the first principle of Liberty – the Right to Life.  

If not for groups like Grassroots America, the Capitol would have been completely over-run with pro-abortion activists hired by & Planned Parenthood. 

When protestors took over the State Capitol, our executive director dropped everything to go to Austin to do whatever it took to stand with other conservatives. She stood in line for 3 hours and waited 13 hours to testify in favor of the bill that would prevent late-term abortions and force medically unsafe clinics to raise standards to help shut down the Gosnell-like clinics at work in Texas. Four days later, she’s still there and will be there until the Senate votes on this bill. She’s there talking to the media, encouraging young activists, encouraging legislators and interviewing 2014 candidates. 

Here’s why the voice of Grassroots America matters:

1,780 people registered in favor of the pro-life legislation;

 2,076 registered against it, favoring late-term abortions on demand

Of the 477 people who registered to give testimony on Monday,

only 357 of those actually showed up to testify…

218 opposed the bill, favoring late-term abortions on demand, while

139 spoke up for life. Our executive director was one of them!  

What happens when people like us won’t take the time

to wait 13 hours to testify?

What happens when people like us won’t sacrifice the time,

energy and cost to stand up for what’s right?

The elected leaders listen to the protesters and abandon principle.

Babies die…women are harmed…the soul of our country dies, and the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and veterans are shamed. 

Can you please offer a generous gift today to help us keep fighting for life and liberty, fighting against big government dictates like ObamaCare, standing for truth and supporting candidates who will be men and women of honor and integrity?

 Planned Parenthood, Organizing for America,, and the labor unions have all the resources they need, and more – they even get government (taxpayer-funded) grants!

Grassroots America does not get a penny – not one penny – of government money. All of our leaders are unpaid volunteers.

That means we need people like you – you and anyone you can forward this message to – to provide the minimum support we need to keep fighting. We don’t deficit spend. We are good stewards.  

Please help Grassroots America now recognized statewide as a highly effective conservative force – continue to lead the way in with a donation today of $100, or $50, or any amount you can give

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Please support us, because we – as Constitutional Conservatives – offer the best options for a future of freedom for your children

and grandchildren.

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