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We are fortunate to be closely affiliated with True the Vote – a Texas organization of patriots going nationwide to ensure free and fair elections.  The work begins in our own backyard – right here in Smith County. 

Jim Speiran – a charter member of Grassroots America – chairs our Get Out the Vote/Ballot Integrity Committee.  He needs volunteers who love this country so much they are willing to give a few hours of their time to make sure ALL elections in Smith County are free and fair.  That means one vote cast per every eligible voter. 

Several of you have already signed up, but we need more people — a small army of patriots willing to spend a little time to make sure no election is stolen in Smith County.  Will you help us?  Don’t leave this up to your neighbor to do! 

Please patiently read the following and let us hear from you as soon as possible.  Failing to do this important work is NOT an option! 

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People

From Jim Speiran, Chairman, Grassroots America’s Get Out the Vote/Ballot Integrity Committee 

As most of you already know, our voting system is being corrupted by the likes of “acorn” and similar organizations.  Because of this, more and more responsibility is falling to patriotic volunteer citizens to protect the integrity of the voting process.

In 2012 we are entering a historically critical stage.  We must ensure our elections are free of fraud.   We can accomplish this only with help from patriot citizens like you. 

Hi my name is Jim Speiran and I am inviting each of you to join with me and other patriots to ensure free and fair elections in Smith County. We need many poll watchers during the upcoming elections. 

Will you volunteer to be a poll watcher? 


A poll watcher is a volunteer who is a citizen and lives in Smith County.  Texas law requires that a poll watcher be a registered voter within the county in which he/she serves. A poll watcher is non partisan; we treat Republican and Democrat discrepancies in the same way. Our job is to ensure a fair and honest election, not take sides. 


A poll watcher sits in a polling location and observes the election activities.  The poll watcher documents any discrepancies that he or she observes and reports any such problems to the election judge or to our help line.  


We will train you and provide you with a check list that describes the different types of discrepancies or irregularities.   All you have to do is document the time of the occurrence and a description of what you saw. This will all be included in the training process.  You will also be given a manual with additional detail that you can take with you in the poll location.

 Training will take place approximately 3 weeks before the election starts.  It will take only about 3 hours of your time. We will also place you in teams at the polls and have a help line you can call if you have any questions during your watch period. 


We would like each participant to volunteer for at least one 6 hour session during the 11 days of voting and preferably for the entire day. Ideally we would like each volunteer to do 2 or more days, but every bit helps.  


Once we have all the volunteers identified, we will allocate them based on the information we are provided. We will ask each person to indicate what days and hours they are available to help. Are you available to work only in your own precinct or are you willing to work in an adjacent precinct…or even to work anywhere you are needed? 

Based on your input, volunteers will be assigned a specific precinct, a date and time. If something comes up so that you can’t make you committed session, just call the help line and we will try to find someone to take your place. We plan to have a handful of people who can serve anywhere as replacements when a volunteer informs us at the last minute that he or she cannot serve in the designated time/location slot. 


We are asking you to give, as a minimum, part of one day (6 hours) between May 17 and 29 to sit and observe the election process at one precinct polling location. By doing this, you will help us prevent fraud. In addition we will all learn the process. Then, in November, when we have the national election, everyone will be an experienced poll watcher. We will be able to identify flaws in the process and work with the appropriate government officials to have them corrected. 

I hope we can get hundreds of volunteers within Smith County.  It is easy to do and none of us wants fraud taking place in our own back yard. Remember, every improper vote cast has the potential to cancel YOUR vote. It also has a major impact on the election process and sends a message to anyone thinking about cheating that we are watching. Much like the presence of a policeman makes us check our speed; the presence of a poll watcher makes those in and around the poll ensures that they are following the law. Just your presence will make a major difference. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. If interested, please contact me by email or phone so I can get you set up for training. 

Jim Speiran



P.S. I recommend each of you go to and see what the folks in Wisconsin are doing and what they have accomplished in stopping vote fraud. This is how we start to take back our Country.