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If you think the past four years has been bad, the next four will be even worse if Obama is re-elected and the US Senate remains status quo. The country we love will be destroyed. YOU can make a difference, if YOU will take the time to help us get out the vote in the battleground state of Ohio. The patriots in Ohio are paying all travel, hotel, and most meal costs.

Two weeks ago, Kay and I were blessed with the opportunity to travel with a group of 20 Texans from Van Zandt, Rains, Dallas, and Kaufman counties to Virginia to campaign for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It was a very rewarding experience and very much appreciated by the people of Virginia. The Virginians were so impressed with our enthusiasm and campaigning, they nicknamed our group “The Texas Tornado.”

As a result of the Virginia trip, we have been asked by the good people in Ohio to help them in their effort to make Ohio a Red state for Romney/Ryan. The good news for us is that the people in Ohio are going to pay our travel expenses for this trip (airfare, hotel, and most meals).

This will be a five-day trip:
November 1st – fly to Ohio

November 2nd – 4th – canvas in West Cleveland neighborhoods

November 5 – fly back to Texas

The people in Ohio are doing all of the organizing. All materials and block walking plans will be provided by them. All we Texans need to do is show-up!
We have less than 2 weeks remaining to make a real difference between winning and losing. Losing is not an option. If you are willing to sacrifice a little time and effort for our country, children, and grandchildren, send me an email or call me at: or call 903-896-1684 or 214-632-1391.

Ask yourself how you will feel if Obama wins by a razor-thin margin — a margin so thin that one person’s phone call or post card could have made the difference!
Pray about it and then ask yourself: If not me, who? If not now, when?  Will you be proud of the legacy you leave?