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From the GAWTP Bylaws: Annual GAWTP memberships are available at the four levels of support seen below plus a lifetime membership as well. Members are asked to renew membership annually at the level they are best able to afford. The Board of Directors of GAWTP is committed to the highest standards of good stewardship, and will at all times be diligent to obtain the very best value for dollars spent. Make checks out to Grassroots America We the People.

  • High School/College Student: $15.00
  • Married College Couples: $20.00
  • Patriot: $25 Patriot Couple (husband & wife) $40 Patriot Family: $50
  • Freedom-fighter: $100
  • Framer: $500+
  • Founder: $1,000+
  • Lifetime Member: $5,000+

After the initial 2009 membership enrollment of 2009, all annual renewals shall be due on Independence Day, July 4th, to symbolize our love of country and dedication to Liberty. Dues shall not be pro-rated, but shall be paid in full for the fiscal year term of membership, regardless of when, during such term, membership may commence. Dues are non-refundable.

The GAWTP mailing address is:
Grassroots America – We the People
P. O. Box 130012
Tyler, TX 75713

Please be sure to stipulate on your payment if this is intended for membership or donation. In order to comply with state ethics report filings, we also need you to identify your place of employment, or self-employment status, or retired status as well as your position..