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Jail Bond Proposal

Today at a news conference with all local media present, a presentation was made by Grassroots President Dr. Douglas Shryock; board member and Watchdog Leader Ernie Clark; board member and Watchdog Leader Rick Eisenbach; Watchdog Committee member Marcia Johnson; and GAWTP member and retired law enforcement officer Stephen Thompson to announce support for the Jail Bond Proposal. 

Grassroots America – We the People has reviewed all of the details presented in the Commissioners Court’s regular meetings over the past year, including information found on the County website and in the more than two dozen public presentations made by Commissioner Jeff Warr and Judge Joel Baker. We find that the Commissioners Court and Sheriff Smith have more than adequately demonstrated the need for the 384 jail beds and have been absolutely transparent and pro-active in communicating the details far in advance of the beginning of early voting. 

To read the entire project analysis, see additional documents on this website.

For more information on the Jail Bond Proposal, go to  

Early voting begins May 2 and runs through May 10.  Election Day is May 14.  For more information on local elections, go to: 



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