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JoAnn: Believers, You Will Be Forced to Care


Warning to the “left of center” media folks and trolls who chime in on what we say and do:

Wrap your head in duct tape before you read this. And after your head explodes, and you laugh and begin to write your scoffing, derisive little blogs, columns, Tweets and Facebook postings, please know that what you say and what you write will not slow this movement down one little bit. In obedience to Christ, I love you, but you aren’t going to bully us into submission. You are actually the best advertising for which we never have to pay.

Now to the rest of you…

Two years ago, I started telling crowds all across Texas they had better start figuring out what they believe and why they believe it. Most importantly, I sounded the alarm to Christians that they’d better figure out how big the God is they say they believe in.

If you’ve forgotten, or the cares of this world and the screaming headlines have made the Lord grow small to you, first, get down on your knees and beg Him to show you how big He is. Keep on asking every single day from now until the end of your life. I guarantee, He will hear and will show you.

Then, get your Bible and start going through the Old Testament to find out how big God is. While everything else around you seems to be falling away and the ancient landmarks are removed one by one, the Great I AM has not changed. The God of the Old Testament who foretold and promised His manifest presence on Earth in the form of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who lives in the hearts of believers HAS NOT CHANGED and will never change. Unless that becomes a settled matter in your mind, takes root, and grows to a strong, unshakeable faith, you aren’t going to do very well in the times that are ahead.

Therefore, if you’ve not had this conversation with yourself, you’d better carve out some time to do so because the days of tough decisions are upon us, and there will be no going back to the days when you didn’t have time to care. You will be forced to care.

If you are a Christian and have a smidgen of understanding about the Bill of Rights, then you have to know that the hard Left is coming for you, for your church, your free speech, and your right to conscientious objection. For those of us who believe our rights come from God and not from government, we’re going to have a little problem with our rights being trampled.

It took two days after the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage for hard left liberals to start demanding  churches and religious non-profits be stripped of their non-tax status. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s coming.

There will be an effort to push churches whose pastors actually preach the whole truth of God and Scripture as the inerrant Word of God out of the public square entirely.

Many newspapers have already started rejecting opinion pieces and letters, which contradict The New Way. In time, the Left’s social media creators will make sure you are hushed. Never mind that all manner of filth and manifest evil will be acceptable, but they will censor those who resist The New Way. Dissent from the right is not appreciated and will not be tolerated. You will be made to feel isolated and as if you are the only one who disagrees. You will be told that you are out of the mainstream, a dinosaur, a throwback. If being the “cool kid” mattered to you when you were in high school, and one cross word to you or about you still reduces you to a sobbing mess, you aren’t going to handle this very well.

Better get your armor on. The Left’s battle plan is to exploit your fear of the rejection of man. Start asking God now to remove the fear of man from you.

Constitutional scholars are already warning that because the Supreme Court declared marriage a fundamental right and did so under the equal protection clause, it will ultimately trump the religious protections of the First Amendment. They are warning that tax-exempt status for religious institutions could fall within the decade, and private, sectarian schools will be stripped first.

In our lifetime, Christians are going to be faced with some very tough decisions. If they knew Scripture, they wouldn’t be shocked to hear they will be made to decide whether they will obey God or bow down to The New Way Idols. It may cost you your elected office, your paycheck, or your social status, but the time for choosing is upon you. 

Believers, without delay, start asking God to show you how big He really is. May His power and His might begin to manifest itself in your heart to prepare you to be what He put you here to be for such a time as this. Your fellow believers need you to suit up. Start now. A Gideon’s army is in order.

My prayer is that you begin to experience God as never before. Our crucified Savior is risen and is coming again. Let us be found faithful.

Because He Lives,