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JoAnn: Conference Call – Border Security

Urgent Conference Call Sunday, February 15 @ 3 PM CST.

What:  Urgent conference call regarding state border security funding with JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America

Why:   Funding for continued border enforcement is necessary while we continue to work toward the strongest state border enforcement measures possible. Without funding in the Supplemental Spending bill for the current biennium and for the next budget, the safety and security of Texas will be greatly compromised.  This is especially true since the GOP leadership in Washington has once again this week gone back on its promise to stop executive amnesty.

When:  Sunday, February 15 @ 3 PM CST

Please make sure to dial in for a “Call to Action” for Grassroots TEA Parties and all affiliated conservative groups.  JoAnn is preparing an easy-to-follow action plan that all groups should launch on Monday of next week.  She will explain exactly what is going on and where the obstruction is coming from.  The obstruction runs counter to the Border Security Platforms of both Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick, platforms the people of Texas approved with a large margin of victory. We the People of Texas must mobilize to move the roadblock.

This is not a drill.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  This not something you can “get around to later.”  The future of Texas depends on We the People of Texas raising our voices and raising them beginning next week!

Be sure to be on the call Sunday.

Conference call information:

Call-in Number: 1-302-202-1114

Enter Code: 420825

Call moderator: Ken Emanuelson, Grassroots Texans