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JoAnn: Endorsements


This is a “Clean Up on Aisle 9” Alert!

Grassroots America didn’t make the mess,

but we’re happy to set the record straight! 

Apparently, some enthusiastic person e-mailed a

marked Smith County ballot a few days before Christmas.

This marked ballot was not issued by Grassroots America.

It does not represent Grassroots America’s endorsements.

Somehow, this ballot has been interpreted by some who received

it or heard about it as being Grassroots America’s endorsements.

That is not true.

All of the endorsements we have made thus far are posted on the

Grassroots America website:

More are on the way.

We’ll also be posting documents and links to voting records,

which were key to our endorsement decisions.

Don’t have time to deeply research each candidate? We do it for you!

We spend hundreds of hours researching and

vetting the candidates to provide you with all the information

you need to be an informed voter!

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to help us cover the direct mail costs for our 2016 Primary Voters’ Guide?

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