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JoAnn: Help Clean Up Austin!

Grassroots America is Leading the Texas Conservative Revolution! 

Our Executive Director JoAnn Fleming is a Founding Member of

Clean Up Austin!



The Clean Up Austin Legislative Action Plan is the creation of a coalition of grassroots activists and non-partisan organizations, promoting the crowd-sourced views of thousands of Texans around the state. The mission of our Action Plan is to eliminate special favors found in the tax code and in government spending and to diminish special interests in the hallways of power. In other words, we intend to rip the “For Sale” sign off our state Capitol and put state government back on the side of We the People. 

Our Action Plan:

  1. Defund the Slush Funds: Immediately defund the Enterprise Fund, Emerging Technology Fund, and the Major Events Trust Funds (includes millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for sports venues and Formula One racing).
  2. Eliminate the Chapter 313 Property Tax Rebate Program: Eliminate this $3 billion-plus property tax rebate program that provides 95% tax exemptions for only a handful of entities.
  3. Sunset Tax Preferences: Identify each state and local tax preference authorized by state law and create a schedule under which they will be reviewed every six years.
  4. Strengthen Disclosure Requirements: Require lawmakers to report all contracts they, their spouses, or their close relatives have with any government entities, and require lawmakers to report if they or any close family members have more than 50% ownership in a business that has a contract with such a government entity.
  5. Increase Pension Transparency: Decouple pensions of lawmakers and statewide officeholders from the salaries of state district court judges.

The Clean Up Austin Legislative Action Plan will expose cronyism and press for final passage this upcoming legislative session for each of the items in the plan. To succeed, we must build the largest coalition possible and get the support of as many elected House members and Senators as we can. You can help us succeed!

What you can do:

  • Share the Clean Up Austin website with your friends, colleagues, and family members who want to clean up government. The cronies in the State Capitol oppose good government, and they will use their power, money, and influence to do whatever it takes to stop the Clean Up Austin initiative! With your help, we can build the largest and most powerful coalition possible to expose and defeat such entrenched and powerful interests.
  • Finally, please make a donation today to Grassroots America. We need to raise $7,000 right away to help our Executive Director JoAnn Fleming cover her travel to Austin and her hotel costs Austin from January through the end of May when the regular legislative session ends. She will fight tirelessly again this session to pass conservative reforms and kill bad bills. JoAnn is recognized across the state as a strong champion for liberty. She is a full-time volunteer and gets no salary to do this valuable work. Please send what you can today to help us help her stay in the fight! Click here to find how you can make a secure donation online or where you can mail your check:

Thank you for joining us in this fight to expose cronyism and corporate welfare this upcoming legislative session! We look forward to working with you!

Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to pray for our nation and to thank God for liberty this holiday season.

The Grassroots America Board of Directors