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JoAnn – Conference Call Thurs w/House Members


Grassroots America Kicks Off Weekly Conference Calls with Legislators

Mobilizing the Texas grassroots conservative movement

 Empowering “We the People”

What’s really happening in the Texas Legislature? What bills are moving? What bills are stuck? Find out what YOU can do to help. Join us for a Texas Grassroots Conference Call!

Mark your calendar now for 6 – 7 PM on Thursday, March 5th!

What:  Kick-off of Weekly Conference Calls with Conservative Legislators

Why:   To unite, educate and empower the Texas conservative citizen movement around conservative reform efforts in the Texas Legislature

When:  Thursday, March 5, 2015

Time:  Promptly starts at 6 PM – 7 PM

Format:   Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming will moderate a statewide conference call with members of the Texas Legislature. She will schedule up to four legislative members each week and ask them to each talk about a bill of their choice. The legislators will lay out the bill, tell you why the bill is important, and tell you where the bill is in the legislative process. JoAnn will tell you how “we the people” can help move legislation.

Scheduled for this week are:

Rep. Matt Schaefer (HB 1973 – Lonestar Card (food stamp) Photo ID to end welfare benefits fraud)

Rep. Jonathan Stickland (HB 209 – Repeal in-state college tuition discounts for illegal aliens)

Rep. Matt Krause (HB 962 – Relating to the regulation of the amount of installed electric generation capacity – not allowing capacity markets in Texas)

Rep. Matt Rinaldi (HJR 16 – Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the exclusive legislative duty to support and maintain an efficient system of public schools – ending school finance lawsuits and judicial control of the size of Texas government.)

How to access the conference call hosted by the Grassroots Texans Network:

If you have trouble with your landline ringing through, try your cell.

Call-in Number: 1-302-202-1114  Listen for the prompt, then enter code: 420825 

Call in early to get a spot! This alert is going out to the statewide conservative grassroots network, and this covers a whole lot of Texans!